Larry Gent @ Hal Con 2012

Larry Gent, Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew

One of the big bonuses (for me) this year was the chance to actually sit down and talk to one of our “new” authors, Larry Gent.

I met Larry (briefly) at the first Hal Con back in 2010. At that con (much like this one) we sold out of Infinity, so we only had one copy that we’d tucked away to give to the convention organizers. That copy apparently got passed around and made it into Larry Gent’s hands, who gave us a great review on his blog, 42 Webs.

The way Larry wrote about writing and writers clued me in that he was a good one himself. There is a language good writers use when analyzing fiction, and he was fluent in it. I asked him, sight unseen, to write for us.

His story from light|dark has been a nearly unanimous hit.

So now he’s working on more stories an a novel, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s great to work with and great to talk to (and has an amazing wife who I’ll get to later).

Larry Gent, YMCA

The only “downside” to Larry is getting him behind the table. Though he was kind enough to sign a bunch for us, I like my authors behind the table: where they can move books and talk with readers. He’s promised that there will be hours devoted to this once the novel happens. That’s a good shake. Jen Lambe might kill me if I rip him away from her completely.

We also got the chance to pitch him a short story collection that we’ll have to iron out the details on soon, but it looks like it’s going to happen. Happiness level +10.

Larry Gent was great, and by far the most gracious celebrity I met with this weekend ;).

Larry Gent, Hal Con 2012

Larry Gent, property of Engen Books

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

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