Top Ten bookish people I want to meet

Top Ten Tuesday

10. Brian Micheal Bendis: he’s just a childhood mentor of mine.

9. Kenneth Tam: okay, I’ve already met him. But it’s been too long! Not since Hal Con 1! We’re almost at Hal Con 3!!

8. Alice Walker: such an amazing and brilliant author.

7. Yann Martel: so many questions I’d ask about Pi.

6. Douglas Adams: and I never will, because he was taken before his time.

5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: I need new notes on writing mysteries.

4. Mark Twain: who writing for this meme wouldn’t want to meet Mark fucking Twain?

3. Stephanie Mayer: just to ask how the hell she got so big, so I can hopefully follow her path (with better written books).

2. JK Rowling: see above. Except the better written part. I’m not a fan of Potter, but at least I can respect it.

1. Stephen King: I’d just like to sit it a crowded resteraunt and talk about the craft.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

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