My ^Essay Writing Process

20120218-092917.jpg I can’t really take credit for this one. This was posted up on the projector by one of my Profs at MUN, but I’ve used it as a reminder ever since, so I figured I’d add it for two reasons: a) in case anyone else needed an essay guide, and b) so I could look it up myself without thumbing through my pictures on my phone. 😉

The Rules

1. Have a thoughtful title.

2. Be properly formatted.

3. Have a word count.

4. Cite your work.

5. Have page numbers.

6. Parenthetically (that means in round brackets) attach page numbers to quotations.

7. Don’t use the word “throughout.” Ever.

8. Be above the minimum word count.

9. Be below the maximum word count.

10. Have a thesis statement.


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